Fans of Three-6 Mafia are of course familiar with M.C. Mack and Scanman as members of Killa Klan Kaze AKA Kamikaze Inc, but by 2009, the national rap focus had moved away from the classic Memphis style. Nevertheless, M. C. Mack keeps it true to his Memphis roots on his solo album Pure Ana Part I. There are plenty of gangsta-walk friendly Memphis anthems here, like “Whatz My Name”, the title track “Pure Ana” or “Let’s Make a Stain”, but the real jewels are the thoughtful, political “Life So Hard” which decries the way society seems stacked against inner-city Blacks, or the sunny “Money Motivated” with its tuneful Mel & Tim Stax sample in the background repeating that “We’re gonna make it”, and guest appearance from Lord Infamous and Skinny Pimp.  The classic Triggerman feel backs the dance anthem “Hell Naw” featuring Memphis veteran Al Kapone, and former Three-6 Mafia diva Gangsta Boo makes an appearance on “Go to Church.” Altogether Pure Ana Part I is an important document in the Memphis rap tradition and one not to be missed for fans of the genre.

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