KP AKA K-Pistol, Shreveport’s Rap Veteran

entertainment, Hip Hop, music, rap, Shreveport

Shreveport rap veteran KP, also known as K-Pistol, first came to prominence in early 2000 with the pioneering rap group N.H.C., who had gained a following with songs like “Lifeguard” and “Parking Lot Pimpin” from their debut album “Respect The Game.” The group eventually broke up, but KP has continued to record and occasionally release new material, more recently putting out Louisiana hits like “Put Your Hands On Me, Then” and “Ratchet Girl.” You can listen to some of KP’s music at

One thought on “KP AKA K-Pistol, Shreveport’s Rap Veteran

  1. Ayo…you know my brother from shreveport…Reggie Wallace…I been on your music since he brought me bootlegs back in the late 9Os ..where can I find that CD and some new stuff…….12075047556

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