Gourmet Burgers in Oxford at the @LamarLounge

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#003 Lamar Lounge
The good folks at End of All Music recommended I try the new Lamar Lounge when I told them I was looking for a good hamburger. The lounge is owned by the same owners as the record store, and the food is simply amazing. My hamburger was patted thick, cooked to my preference, mushrooms were chopped especially for it (they were much thicker than the usual), and there was plenty of cheddar cheese and bacon. The Lamar Lounge gives you a choice of baked potatoes or french fries. I opted for the latter, which were fried to a crunchy golden brown and seemed to have been rolled in sea salt. I was thoroughly satisfied, and my waitress told me that the Travel Channel is about to come through next week to highlight the burgers. Although they didn’t have any live music on the Tuesday night I was there, I am told that the Lamar Lounge does feature live music on certain nights, particularly Fridays. And they truly have the best burgers in Oxford.


2 thoughts on “Gourmet Burgers in Oxford at the @LamarLounge

  1. That’s high praise if it is as good as the “off menu” Bouree Burger…..the fried green tomato and bacon on that burger are perfection. Gonna give this a go. Maybe Saturday after my early gig in Greenwood.

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