Great Gourmet Pizza at Corinth’s @PizzaGrocery

Food, Restaurant Reviews, Restaurants

My jazz trio got hired to play for a ribbon-cutting at a nursing home in Corinth, Mississippi last Thursday, and when it was over, we were hungry. Using my Yelp app on the iPhone, I looked at several dining options and we finally settled on Pizza Grocery, which proved to be an inspired choice. The Pizza Grocery is a cozy brick building on Cruise Street in downtown Corinth, and, as the name suggests, the restaurant features Italian cuisine, especially gourmet pizzas. The menu allows you to choose from any number of sauces and toppings, so I created an alfredo cheddar mushroom pepperoni and bacon pizza, which was really good, and so rich that I had to take half of it home in a box! My fellow musicians were also pleased with their pizzas, and also had to take some home for later. Service was pleasant and efficient, and prices, while not inexpensive, were not unreasonable. Highly recommended.


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