A Warm Comforting Environment at M Wood Fired Oven in Cincinnati

Food, Restaurant Reviews, Restaurants

I am invariably attracted to restaurant that mention wood-fired grills or ovens in their name, even more so when they are pizza restaurants, because in my opinion, there’s simply no better way to bake a pizza. So, needless to say, I was eager to try Cincinnati’s relatively-new M Wood Fired Oven in Hyde Park. The relatively small place is dark, warm and inviting, with the ambiance dominated by the large wood-burning oven. The menu, however, is somewhat limited and rather strange. The pizzas definitely lean toward the gourmet and New American end of things, although I learned that they will make a more traditional pizza out of ingredients that they list on their regular menu options. And the pizzas are definitely a hit. The menu also features a burger, and a few other entrees and sandwiches. So although I’d like to see more traditional pizza offerings like pepperoni, M Wood Fired Oven satisfied me. When in Cincinnati, I’ll be back.


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