Kris Kourdouvelis (@MemphisKris) Celebrates 100 Years of the Warehouse @ALKaponeMemphis

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Kris Kourdouvelis fell in love with Memphis enough to move here, and since he has been here he has become one of our city’s biggest cheerleaders, and has tirelessly given his time and money to the cause of Memphis music, as well as many other charitable and philanthropic causes. As if all that wasn’t cool enough, he also bought and restored a historic old warehouse in the South Main Arts District and turned it into his private residence, but he turned its large downstairs into an amazing party room/venue/museum of Memphis Music called The Warehouse, which has hosted numerous charity events, Memphis music events and concert after-parties. The Warehouse turned 100 years old this weekend, and to celebrate, Kris threw a major bash featuring performances from the Greenville, Mississippi-based Kattawar Brothers and Memphis rap godfather Al Kapone, as well as great barbecue from the nearby Double J Smokehouse, of which Kris is a partner. The party was festive and bright, despite the chilly, wet evening outside.


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