The Iberville, Cities of the Dead, and Kermit’s Treme Speakeasy

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My fellow panelist Travis wanted to have a look at what was left of the Iberville projects, which unlike the rest of New Orleans’ legendary projects, were still standing, so I gave him a ride out there. To my surprise, not only are they still standing, but apparently some of the units are still inhabited. Yet more seem empty than occupied, and it appears that demolition is in the works. Sadly, the Iberville site will likely become the location of more high-income housing. Just north of the projects are two of New Orleans’ oldest cemeteries, and from there we explored the Treme neighborhood, ending up at Kermit Ruffin’s Treme Speakeasy on Basin Street. Kermit wasn’t there, but a band was setting up to play, and Travis and I sat at the bar and enjoyed cold drinks. I would have been content to spend the evening there with the live band, but my friend Darren who plays bass drum with the TBC Brass Band had told me that his band would be leading a small second-line for a wedding around Jackson Square to a restaurant at 8 PM, so Travis and I headed back out to the French Quarter.


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