Eric Thomas and Elevate The Quest With Smooth Jazz and Soul on The Reserve rooftop @elevatethequest @CafeCirca #A3C

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When I got back to the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, I could hear a band playing on the roof of Cafe Circa, which was actually a separate tapas bar known as The Reserve. My attention had been drawn to the place on Wednesday night when I had noticed two tuba players walking down Boulevard toward Edgewood while waiting for the A3C shuttle outside the Sound Table. Later, I could hear a New Orleans-style brass band playing on the rooftop of the Reserve, and was just about to go up there, when the shuttle arrived. So on this Thursday night, I headed up the stairs eagerly and took a seat to enjoy the band, which was known as Elevate The Quest and led by jazz/fusion saxophonist Eric Thomas. The music was great, and it was pleasant and comfortable out on the rooftop. Afterwards, I got to talking to the conga player, who told me that the tuba players I had seen might have been part of a group known as the Wolfpack, and he showed me a YouTube video of what appeared to be a large marching band playing what Atlantans call “crunk music” at a hip-hop show. I did some research online on my phone and discovered that they would be playing Saturday night at midnight in a neighborhood called Castleberry Hill.

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