Great Breakfast at Rise-N-Dine (@risendineatl) in Emory Village #A3C2013

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I had been to Emory Village’s Rise-N-Dine once before, but it had been many years ago, so I was ready to go back. On my last visit, the coffee of the day had been Ethiopian Yergacheffe, and it was at Rise-N-Dine that I first learned to love that coffee’s unique citrus notes. On this morning, the coffee was equally good, and although there was quite a crowd, I didn’t have much of a wait to sit at the bar. The atmosphere is cheerful, and Rise-N-Dine has all the usual assortment of breakfast foods, including omelettes, which are always my favorite. Food portions are generous, and priced reasonably. Like most Atlanta breakfast restaurants, Rise-N-Dine is open only for breakfast and lunch, and seating and parking are limited, so getting there early is advised.

1565 N Decatur Rd
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 377-4407
7AM-3PM Weekdays
8Am-3:30PM Weekends

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