Thursday Night Showcases at @A3C

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I met my homeboy Marcel P. Black (a rap artist from Baton Rouge) at Vortex on Peachtree for dinner, and then we both headed out to Little Five Points to the Variety Playhouse for a showcase that was to feature Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving out to walk over to the other showcase at the Star Bar, and nothing seemed to be going on over there at all. I should have walked back over to the Variety Playhouse, but one of the A3C shuttles pulled up, and I ended up riding it over to East Atlanta Village, where I found that not much was going on, because everybody was either at Variety Playhouse or at Terminus West, where Meek Mill was the headliner for a BET-sponsored showcase. But Terminus West wasn’t on either of the shuttle routes, and was too far from the Melia Hotel to walk to. I ended up riding the shuttle back to the Sound Table, and when I got back into the Fourth Ward area, I discovered that a neo-soul band was playing on the roof of a nearby restaurant, and decided to head up there.


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