Great Wood-Fired Pizzas at Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizzas @PyrosMemphis

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Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizzas opened in East Memphis on Ridgeway Road about a week ago after one of the longest and most anticipated openings in Memphis history. There was talk about Pyro’s as far back as June, so yesterday a friend and I headed down to check it out.
Pyro’s is a wood-fired pizza restaurant, which is one of my favorite concepts, although it is a concept that has not really caught on in the Memphis market. The ill-fated Fire N Stone Pizzeria was a personal favorite of mine until it closed abruptly. But Pyro’s has some unique features that should give them an edge over previous wood-oven pizza restaurants or other pizza places in general. We were immediately impressed with the reasonably low prices that seem to include all the pizza toppings, which you watch employees put on your pizza at each stage of the creative process before they are placed into the gargantuan oven. It’s also worth noting that pizzas can be made with an Alfredo sauce base, and that’s the first time we’ve seen that in Memphis. Soft drinks come from one of the new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, so guests have their choice of about 120 flavors of drink. And after the main course, there’s also a dessert menu featuring sweets called “bites” and there’s an espresso bar too. We might also mention that the attractive bar features beer on tap, including Memphis’ new Wiseacres beer, and that there is a flat screen TV for watching those big games. What more could you want? Well, back home we read online about how there’s no tipping at Pyro’s because it pays its employees above minimum wage and provides them with healthcare, so you can feel good about eating at Pyro’s. Their Union Avenue location opens in Midtown in December.

Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza
1199 Ridgeway Rd
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 213-6756


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