Dinner at Don’s Seafood Hut in Metairie @Donsseafood

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After the second-line, I was both hungry and exhausted, but food was harder to find than you might think. New Orleans is still a bit of a strange place on Sundays, and more restaurants are closed on the Sabbath than you would expect in a city known as a party town and convention place. After running by several places which proved to be closed, I found myself out on Veterans Memorial Boulevard in the suburb of Metairie, and came to Don’s Seafood Hut, the New Orleans branch of a Louisiana chain based in Lafayette. One of the surprising things about New Orleans is that while seafood is ubiquitous and plentiful, most of it is fried, and Don’s is no exception. I had a catfish and fried shrimp combo, and was very impressed with what I got. Next door is the legendary Gambino’s Bakery, which is famous for, besides po-boy bread, king cakes, which are a big deal at this time of year. Yet I resisted the temptation to stop there, and headed back into the city.

Don’s Seafood Hut
4801 Veterans Memorial Blvd
Metairie, LA 70006
(504) 889-1550


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