Breakfast at Algiers Point

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My homeboy Darren is the bass drummer for the awesome TBC Brass Band, so when he suggested that we grab a breakfast on the West Bank, I was eager, except that I had never spent much time in Algiers, and didn’t know much of what was over there. Fortunately, Yelp suggested a place called Tout de Suite, which proved to be one of those cool corner breakfast cafes in a quiet neighborhood called Algiers Point. It’s mostly a coffee bar, but you can get omelettes or traditional breakfasts with bacon and eggs, and the environment is relaxing and comfortable. After breakfast, we strolled around the vicinity, taking pictures of the kind of really cool buildings that pop up only in New Orleans neighborhoods. Especially cool were the boarded-up Rita’s Bar which had once been the home of the Mohawk Hunters, one of the Black Indian gangs of New Orleans, and the Manicure Record Shop, home of the Westbank Steppers, one of the social aid and pleasure clubs.

Tout de Suite Cafe
347 Verret Street
New Orleans (Algiers), LA 70114
(504) 362-2264


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