SXSW Day 3: Walking From Rainey Street to The Welcome to the South Hip-Hop Showcase @ScootInn @SoSouth

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When I left the Container Bar, I walked down Cesar Chavez toward East Austin, and considered stopping by Cenote coffee bar for a latte, but decided against it, and walked on down to the Scoot Inn, where Houston-based So South Distribution and were sponsoring a Texas rap showcase called Welcome to the South. I didn’t know the artists who were performing, but I did see Go DJ JB on the turntables, whom I had seen earlier in the day at The Eastern. I originally planned to probably hang out at this showcase for the rest of the evening, but I suddenly saw on my SXSW schedule that the Kashmere Thunder Soul Orchestra (an all-star group of former Kashmere Stage Band members) was playing at the Palm Door, which was just beside the Austin Convention Center, so I left out to walk the 15 minutes back to downtown.


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