SXSW Day 5: Joey Gee and the Sons of Kramden on Red River Street

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When I walked down Red River Street across Cesar Chavez, I heard an incredible band playing on the porch of a house. There was some sort of art party going on there, and I really never found out whether it was supposed to be open to the public or not, but I found the music irresistible and wandered on in, and at any rate, nobody told me to leave. Sensing that these older musicians might be well-known, I asked the man standing next to me if he knew who they were. He said that it was a band consisting of former members of the Texas Tornados and Doug Sahm’s band, but that he thought they were calling themselves the Kramdens now, or something like that. I listened for awhile, and then headed on down to Rainey Street.


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