Steaks and Seafood on the Vermillion River at @Ruffinos

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I had not heard of Ruffino’s on the River in Lafayette before, but I had discovered it while planning my trip, and was attracted by the menu and the waterfront setting, so I decided to eat dinner there before the James Hunter concert. When I arrived at the restaurant, I immediately noticed the stash of wood outside the main entrance, which is always something I like to see, as it shows that the restaurant uses a wood-burning stove to cook. The outdoor deck had a beautiful view of the Vermillion River, so I chose to sit out there in the sunshine. I tried the Fish Katie, which was a fish fillet with a cream sauce made with lump crabmeat, and it was absolutely amazing, as were all the accompaniments. The food, the setting and the service was impeccable.

Ruffino’s on the River
921 Camellia Blvd
Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 706-7333


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