A Forgotten Depot at Matson Switch

ghost towns, Photography, Travel

Taking the road from Union City, Tennessee to Hickman, Kentucky, I had no sooner crossed into Kentucky when I saw something rather incongruous- a railroad depot sticking up out of the middle of a field. Of course, there had once been a railroad paralleling the route to Hickman, but I still hadn’t expected to see an old depot still standing, and I had to turn around and grab a look. According to the sign on the depot, the place (for it really was too small to be considered a town) was called Matson Switch, and there was a former store on the opposite side of the highway from the depot. Clearly, someone at some point had tried to turn the depot into something of a tourist welcome center, and a picnic table had been set up near it, but even the table was overgrown with weeds. Matson Switch seems to have been abandoned twice.


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