A Gourmet Twist on American Classics at @BaileysRange in St. Louis

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Whether from it being Mothers’ Day or it being Sunday, finding anything to eat in St. Louis in the late evening was extremely difficult. Almost every place I tried was either closed or had quit serving food even if the bar remained open. Fortunately, one place I called on my cell phone was still open, a burger place downtown called Bailey’s Range. It turned out that Bailey’s is a family of restaurant concepts in St. Louis, and Bailey’s Range is a burger place, with a unique difference. Sleek and modernistic in appearance, Bailey’s Range is also New American in its approach to this most American of dishes, the hamburger and french fries, with a menu consisting of unique gourmet hamburger varieties. Of course, using the “build your own” menu, it is possible to create your own more traditional offerings, but Bailey’s seems proud of their creations. I opted for a more prosaic bacon cheeseburger, and was not disappointed. The accompanying french fries were also really good. Bailey’s Range also has desserts, mainly based around their all-natural ice creams, which they also use to make milk shakes, but after my bacon cheeseburger and fries, I had no room for any dessert. Altogether I was fairly pleased with my experience, and was especially thankful for Bailey’s Range’s extended hours.

Bailey’s Range
920 Olive Street
St. Louis, MO 63101
(314) 241-8121


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