Lake Pontchartrain Sunset


005 Lake Pontchartrain Sunset006 Lake Pontchartrain Sunset007 Lake Pontchartrain Sunset008 Lake Pontchartrain Sunset009 Lake Pontchartrain Sunset010 Lake Pontchartrain Sunset011 Lake Pontchartrain Sunset 012 Lake Pontchartrain Sunset
After crossing the twin spans on I-10 into New Orleans East, I decided to leave the interstate and head north to the lakeshore, since the sun was setting. Unfortunately, much of the lake view has been eclipsed by the Corps of Engineers’ new ugly but needful seawall installation, but after I got past the University of New Orleans campus, I got some beautiful views of the sun going down over the lake, while some people were out enjoying an early evening of fishing. Nearby, I saw that a new restaurant called Brisbi’s on the Lake had opened, and made a note that I needed to try it.


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