Walking Down Frenchmen Street in Faubourg Marigny

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057 The Spotted Cat Music Club058 Frenchmen Street059 Frenchmen Art Walk060 Dat Dog on Frenchmen Street061 Frenchmen Street062 Bamboula063 Out on the Town in Marigny064 Out on the Town in Marigny
I have discussed discussed the Frenchmen Street entertainment district in much more detail elsewhere in this blog, but suffice it to say that Frenchmen Street has replaced Bourbon Street as the street for music fans to encounter some of the best live music New Orleans has to offer. Even at midnight, the street was still going strong, with a large outdoor art market not only open but relatively crowded. However, I was disappointed to see that the vacant lot at Chartres and Frenchmen, which had become a familiar performance space for the Young Fellaz Brass Band had been replaced by a new Dat Dog restaurant location, although at least the new building was designed to fit the existing look of the street. I was not able to determine when or where the Young Fellas perform in that area now, if they do at all.


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