ManifestationATL Showcase at The Union @UnionEAV Featuring Virghost & Willie Waze @VirghostPoet @DaYunginWaze @A3C

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Although I hadn’t been able to put together the A3C showcase of Memphis hip-hop artists that I had intended to due to lack of funds, I did manage to get someone to book the Memphis artist Virghost, and I wanted to make sure that I saw his performance. So I headed out to a club called The Union in East Atlanta Village where the showcase, called ManifestationATL was being held. Virghost was scheduled to go on at 6:10 PM, but the event started somewhat later. He performed several songs, mostly from his new album Ghosts which was released in September, and told me that this had been his first performance in several months. He was followed by a Virginia artist named Willie Waze that I was also impressed with.

Keep up with Virghost:

Keep up with Willie Waze:


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