Celebrating Atlanta’s Rap Legacy At The Loft @FORTKNOXLIVE @CenterStageAtl @RenegadeElRey @BlackOwnedCBone

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027 The Real ATown028 Spaghetti Junction029 Make ATL Proud030 Nun But A Party031 Fort Knox032 Fort Knox033 The Real A-Town034 Fort Knox035 Renegade El Rey036 Renegade El Rey037 Renegade El Rey038 Renegade El Rey039 The Real ATown040 Fort Knox041 Lil Will042 Lil Will043 Lil Will044 Lil Will045 Lil Will046 BlackOwned CBone047 BlackOwned CBone048 BlockOwned CBone049 BlackOwned CBone050 BlackOwned CBone051 BlackOwned CBone052 BlackOwned CBone053 BlackOwned CBone054 BlackOwned CBone055 BlackOwned CBone056 BlackOwned CBone057 BlackOwned CBone058 BlackOwned CBone059 Witchdoctor060 Witchdoctor061 Witchdoctor836 Renegade El Rey063 Witchdoctor064 Witchdoctor065 Witchdoctor
Although there were a lot of A3C showcases on Friday night, my homeboy Fort Knox was hosting an event at The Loft at Center Stage Atlanta that wasn’t an official showcase of the festival, but probably should have been. Entitled “The Real A-Town”, the concert featured appearances from a number of Atlanta rap artists, famous and unknown, including Renegade El Rey, Lil Will, BlackOwned CBone and Witchdoctor from the Dungeon Family. The event was fairly well-attended, and the performances were first-rate throughout. Unfortunately, I had heard that Juvenile was performing at the A3C main stage in the Old Fourth Ward, so I left the A-Town concert early to head over to Edgewood Avenue.


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