Ending Day 1 of @A3C At the @ApacheCafe Jam Session

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Too Short was supposed to be performing at the Quad, but the venue proved to be far too crowded for me, so I walked around the corner to the Apache Cafe. On Wednesday night, it wasn’t an official A3C venue, but there was a jam session going on on the inside stage, and on the back patio, a drummer and trumpet player were playing along to the DJ out there. Really cool.

Great Desserts and Classic Hip-Hop at Atlanta’s @ApacheCafe

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Atlanta’s Apache Cafe is well-known as a place for hip-hop, spoken word, art and avant-garde jazz, but what many people may not know is that it is also a place for exquisite homemade desserts and french-pressed coffees, and has a delicious food menu as well. I was especially impressed by the oreo cheesecake, which comes in two cupcake-shaped pieces stacked on top of each other and topped with freshly-whipped cream. Tuesday nights are open-mic, and tend toward hip-hop, but with the added attraction of live musicians backing up the performers.

Terreon Gulley/Russell Gunn and Friends Live at the Apache Cafe

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East St. Louis native Terreon Gulley is a highly-regarded young jazz drummer based in Atlanta who often plays with his fellow Eastsider trumpeter Russell Gunn. However, Gulley rarely plays in Atlanta, so it was a real treat to catch his all-star group of friends and associates at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta on Friday January 4. Gulley’s super-band played a style of jazz that is ostensibly straight-ahead, but clearly informed by hip-hop, gospel, soul and other contemporary styles. The best and brightest of Atlanta’s young jazz scene also came out to sit in. As for the Apache Cafe, there’s always something worthwhile going on there, so visit them at http://www.apachecafe.info/ to check their schedule, hours and menu. Let me add that the oreo cheesecake is to die for, as is the french-pressed Nicaraguan coffee infused right at your table.