Lattes and More at Birmingham’s Red Cat Coffee House @theredcat_bham

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779 Red Cat Coffee House780 Red Cat Coffee House
After leaving the Jack Brown’s Beer and Burgers Joint in Lakeview, I wanted a breve latte before getting back on the highway to Atlanta, so I was thrilled to see a nearby coffee house on my iPhone’s Yelp app. The coffee house in question proved to be The Red Cat Coffee House, an attractive and spacious coffee bar in the middle of a burgeoning arts district in the shadow of the gigantic abandoned Sloss furnaces. Like any good coffee house, the Red Cat has the usual assortment of espresso-based drinks, and a light food menu of crepes and paninis, but unlike a number of coffee bars, the Red Cat roasts its own coffee in house. At one time, it was also a great place for live acoustic music in Birmingham, but has sadly discontinued its music policy. Nevertheless, it’s a great place for a latte or cappuccino when in the Lakeview area of Birmingham.

The Red Cat Coffee House and Gourmet Coffee Roasters
2901 2nd Av S
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 616-8450

Great Burgers, Craft Beers and More at Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint @JackBrownsJoint

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777 Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint778 Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint
Over the last several years, a growing trend toward gourmet hamburgers has spread from America’s largest metropolitan areas to smaller cities and towns nationwide, but the trend largely missed Birmingham, Alabama, with just one gourmet burger bar opening over the last few years. But this summer has seen the opening of a new place in the Lakeview neighborhood called Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint, the first foray out of Virginia for the Harrisonburg-based chain. I had occasion to try it on my way through Birmingham last week en route to the A3C Hip-Hop Conference in Atlanta, and I was quite impressed. The menu is rather simple, actually, a number of designer hamburgers, french fries, and beers. The burgers are made with wagyu beef, and I chose one with barbecue sauce, bacon and cheese, that was absolutely delicious, if a little small. The french fries were golden brown, crispy and plentiful. And there was a very unusual and tempting dessert- a fried oreo cookie, which proved to be something like a beignet with an oreo cookie inside. Prices were reasonable, and the atmosphere cheerful, in a dive bar sort of way. Jack Brown’s will definitely be my go-to on future trips to Birmingham, and they’re on their way to Nashville as well.

Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint
2811 7th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 203-4512

A Summer Band Battle at Memphis’ Oakhaven Park

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080 Memphis Mass Band082 Memphis Mass Band083 Memphis HBCU Alumni Weekend084 Memphis Mass Band085 HBCU Alumni Weekend086 Memphis Mass Band087 Memphis Mass Band088 Memphis Mass Band090 Memphis Mass Band091 Magic City All-Stars092 Magic City All-Stars093 Memphis Mass Band094 Memphis Mass Band Drumline095 Memphis Mass Band096 Memphis Mass Band Percussion097 Memphis Mass band099 Memphis Mass Band Drumline100 Memphis Mass Band Drumline101 Memphis Mass Band Quints102 Memphis Mass Band103 Magic City All-Stars104 Magic City All-Stars105 Memphis Mass Band106 Magic City All-Stars107 HBCU Alumni Weekend109 Magic City All-Stars110 Magic City All-Stars111 Magic City All-Stars112 Memphis Mass Band113 HBCU Alumni Weekend114 Memphis Mass Band116 Memphis Mass Band Drumline117 Memphis Mass Band118 Memphis Mass Band119 Memphis Mass Band Snares126 Magic City All-Stars127 Memphis Mass Band Percussion128 Memphis Mass Band Drumline129 Memphis Mass Band Tenors132 Magic City All-Stars133 Magic City All-Stars134 Memphis Mass Band Snares135 Memphis Mass Band Tenors136 Magic City All-Stars141 Memphis Mass Band Percussion142 Memphis Mass Band
There is a Black marching band tradition which is distinct from its white equivalent, despite points of similarity, and, not surprisingly, that tradition is deeply loved in Memphis. In fact, the city has had some legendary band directors, including Jimmie Lunceford, the internationally-known big band star who was Manassas High School’s first band director, or Emerson Able, also at Manassas, or W. T. McDaniel at Booker T. Washington or Tuff Green at Melrose High School. Memphis musicians routinely enrich the Black college marching bands at Pine Bluff or Jackson State or Tennessee State. But the band culture doesn’t end during the summer, either, as there are alumni bands like the Memphis Mass Band, comprised of former HBCU band members, as well as current musicians home from college for the break, and perhaps a few high school students as well, and these summer aggregations battle each other during the summer months. This past weekend, the Memphis Mass Band battled its Birmingham equivalent, the Magic City All-Stars Band at Oakhaven Stadium during what was billed as the HBCU Alumni Weekend. About a hundred or more people turned out to see these two all-star bands battle, and I was impressed with the quality of both bands. The Memphis Mass Band was the larger of the two, but both groups had great arrangements, and a tightness and togetherness that I don’t always hear in established college bands. And the arrangements were largely unfamiliar to me and fresh. The Memphis band’s unexpected reading of Johnnie Taylor’s “Running Out of Lies” was definitely the high point in my opinion. I might add that despite a lot of trash talk between the bands, there was not one untoward incident. Just good fun and great music.

SXSW Day 4: Checking Out St. Paul & The Broken Bones at South By San Jose @StP_BrokenBones @SanJoseHotel #SXSJ

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My friend Malcolm, the owner of Memphis’ excellent Memphis Music record shop on Beale Street had introduced me to St. Paul and the Broken Bones back in February by showing me a YouTube video. Up until that point, I had not heard of the Birmingham-based band, which had recorded their album in Muscle Shoals, but I loved the soul-oriented style of the band, and their inclusion of live horns. When I saw that they were playing in Florence, Alabama, I planned to drive down for the performance, but a gig came up, and I was unable to go, and in the meanwhile, their debut album Half The City appeared on Spotify, and I found it very impressive indeed. So when I saw that they were performing at the South By San Jose event at the Hotel San Jose in Austin, I knew I had to be there. Fortunately I arrived as they were just setting up, and was able to get a spot directly in front of the stage. The South By San Jose event, known as SXSJ, is always a cool place to see bands anyway. The line-ups are generally great, the events are free and don’t require badges, and the outdoor location makes for great sound and plenty of room. Behind the crowd is always a collection of vendors selling all kinds of goods. As for the band, I was impressed with how tight their performance was on stage, and with St. Paul’s enthusiastic stage presence. The show was definitely a high point for my SXSW this year.

Calvin Richardson (@ThePrinceOfSoul) Live at the Jus Blues Music Awards @TeamCalvinCR @bigeoppa

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Last night’s evening event at the Jus Blues Music Awards in Memphis was a performance by Calvin Richardson and his band Fifth Element. In an era where there are a lot of R & B singers but few who can actually sing, I was amazed by how soulful Calvin Richardson is, and how amazingly funky his band is as well. Richardson has an impressive body of originals, and he sounds equally at home with Bobby Womack and Frankie Beverly covers. He is definitely an example of where R & B music needs to be heading.

The Fifth Element Band from Birmingham, AL @TeamCalvin CR @ThePrinceOfSoul @bigeoppa

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Jus Blues Music Awards Day 2 007
After the morning conference session, I ran into the band Fifth Element from Birmingham, who are the touring band for the soul singer Calvin Richardson. Richardson was doing an instore at Memphis Music on Beale Street, and was the featured headliner for the second evening of the Jus Blues Music Awards.

Urban Standard, Birmingham

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Urban Standard is a hip new coffee bar on Birmingham’s 2nd Avenue North downtown, in an area that is beginning to see a degree of redevelopment and restoration. Besides great espresso-based drinks and dessert items, the Standard features a food menu as well. Visit them in person, or at for menus, hours and more.

Artwork By Lamar Sorrento at Birmingham’s Baha Burgers

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On the way to the Industry Insider Music Summit last Thursday, I stopped at Birmingham for lunch at a place called Baha Burgers. The burgers were basic but good, but what stood out was the extensive amount of artwork by Memphis artist and sometimes musician Lamar Sorrento (nee James Eddie Campbell). It’s worth a visit just to see it. 

11/10/08: Mountain Brook Village/Dinner in Augusta

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November 2008 002

November 2008 003
First day of my Select-O-Hits sponsored trip across the Carolinas promoting the new Pastor Troy album T.R.O.Y. At Birmingham, I drove into Mountain Brook to a pizza place called Bongiorno for lunch (okay but not outstanding). Mountain Brook, a “new town” which had apparently been built in the 1920’s or 1930’s, was primarily residential, but with three central “villages” that housed cafes and other businesses. I managed to pass though Atlanta with little difficulty, but it was getting dark earlier these days, and colder as well, especially at Augusta.
The rappers V-Tec and Hill met me at the T-Bonez steakhouse in Augusta for dinner, and then I drove downtown to the Metro Coffeehouse for a latte before heading out to Club 360 near Barton Village, which was supposedly having an event. There were a few cars there and a radio station van out front, but I changed my mind about going inside (I was really tired), and headed back to my room at the Courtyard hotel.