The Nerve DJ’s 10th Anniversary at the Crowe’s Nest in College Park, Atlanta

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The Nerve DJs are a Cleveland, Ohio-based coalition, but they decided to hold their 10th Anniversary weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, and I was an invited speaker. The event was held at the Crowe’s Nest in College Park, and many well-known industry people were present, including Janie Jennings of Industry Works and DJs United, veteran Cleveland DJ Cochise and Kermit Henderson of East Cleveland One-Stop. Although the event started late, resulting in the cancellation of some of the panels, it was a lot of fun, awards were given out, and a lot of artists got to perform.

Big Oomp Records (@OOMPCAMPitsago) at Old National Discount Mall

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There used to be Big Oomp Records stores all over Atlanta, not only in the flea markets and discount malls, but also freestanding store locations on Campbellton Road, on Ralph Abernathy Boulevard in the West End, and in Smyrna. Most of these have closed over the last several years, so I was thrilled to see that the Big Oomp location at the Old National Discount Mall in College Park is still up and running, with plenty of DJ Jelly mixtapes. As I walked past, they were playing a new song in memory of Trayvon Martin by Pastor Troy, whose new album The Streets Need You is due out July 30 from Madd Society Records and Select-O-Hits Music Distribution.