Remembering the Life and Legacy of Mario “Yoggi” Stewart in Music at the Blue Worm

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Memphis musicians were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of a young drummer, Mario “Yoggi” Stewart, but on September 10, a number of musicians and relatives came together to honor his memory in the most appropriate way possible, with music and song. The setting was the Blue Worm AKA The Blues Night Club, a neighborhood fixture on the backside of the Lamar/Airways Shopping Center in Orange Mound. The band was anchored by three drummers playing three sets on stage, with “Cowboy” Neal on guitar and my homeboy Danny Peterson on bass. I had intended to observe, enjoy and film, but I got called to the stage to play keyboards. Other guest musicians and singers included Tony Gentry, Deij’rah Terrell, Gerod Rayborn and Terry Wright. The night closed with a drummers’ shout shed in memory of Yoggi, and Cowboy thanking all of those who came out. It was a great night of Memphis music, with nothing but love and respect between the musicians.

A Holiday Jam Session at Aji’s Sports Bar In Honor of Jimmy “Pete” Peterson

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On Saturday December 28th, a surprise party was held for longtime Memphis musician Jimmy “Pete” Peterson at Aji’s Sports Bar & Grill on Lamar, which turned into something of a jam session. The first set was played by a band largely comprised of relatives, with Roderick “Drumhedz” Stewart on the trap set. On the second set, Roderick was replaced by veteran drummer and producer Randy Goodlow. It was great music, and great fun.

WLOK’s Annual Stone Soul Picnic

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By an odd coincidence of tradition, the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival always coincides with another Memphis tradition, radio station WLOK’s Stone Soul Picnic, which is annually held on the Saturday before Labor Day in Tom Lee Park. WLOK used to be one of two Memphis soul stations, with the other being WDIA, which was the first Black radio station in the United States. WDIA sponsored something called the Goodwill Revue, and it is likely that WLOK came up with the Stone Soul Picnic as their station’s equivalent, and since the name is taken from Laura Nyro’s song of the same name which was a hit for the Fifth Dimension in 1968, I expect the event goes back at least that far. Unfortunately, nothing stays the same, and both WLOK and its event are now restricted to gospel music, which to me is kind of sad. Not that I don’t love gospel music, because I do, but one would expect a “Stone Soul Picnic” to incorporate gospel, blues, soul, R & B, and maybe even family-friendly rap. But still, despite the extreme heat, a good crowd was gathered in the park, listening to the Brown Singers on stage when I arrived. Their band musicians were really good, especially the drummer, and I recalled that my homeboy Danny Peterson played drums for the Brown Singers at one time.


This week’s Memphis Music Monday at the Hard Rock Cafe featured The Absentees from Hernando, Mississippi, Memphis hip-hop artist Chris Blake, and Overwater Entertainment’s amazing Touch of Soul band. Memphis legend David Porter was also in the house, as was My World Entertainment CEO Danny Peterson and his main artist, R & B singer Chris D Pher.