Memphis’ Own @SnootieWild At The @BMI Showcase at @EARL_EAV @A3C

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Snootie Wild first came to my attention a couple of years ago at a record pool meeting in Memphis, as an amazing rapper from North Memphis with the unusual ability to command a Jamaican accent at will. This might not be unusual in a lot of cities, but there is almost no Caribbean presence in Memphis whatsoever, and Snootie has no island background When he released the single “Yayo” a few months later, he became the biggest artist in Memphis. Not long thereafter, he signed with Yo Gotti’s Cocaine Music Group, which has since been renamed Collective Music Group, and began to tour the country with Gotti. More recently, he has followed up the success of the earlier single with a new single called “No Kissing”, which blew up the streets of Memphis and other Southern cities all summer. So his appearances at A3C garnered a lot of attention, and his appearance at the BMI Showcase in East Atlanta Village was especially good. Despite his youth, Snootie Wild seems calm and in complete control, enjoying himself and bantering with crowd as if they were old and trusted friends. The young Memphian has great things ahead of him.

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Virghost’s Performance at ManifestationATL at @UnionEAV @A3C @VirghostPoet

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Memphis hip-hop artist Virghost performs at the ManifestationATL Showcase at the Union on Flat Shoals Avenue in East Atlanta Village during the annual A3C hip-hop festival in Atlanta. He recently released his latest album Ghosts which can be downloaded at

ManifestationATL Showcase at The Union @UnionEAV Featuring Virghost & Willie Waze @VirghostPoet @DaYunginWaze @A3C

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Although I hadn’t been able to put together the A3C showcase of Memphis hip-hop artists that I had intended to due to lack of funds, I did manage to get someone to book the Memphis artist Virghost, and I wanted to make sure that I saw his performance. So I headed out to a club called The Union in East Atlanta Village where the showcase, called ManifestationATL was being held. Virghost was scheduled to go on at 6:10 PM, but the event started somewhat later. He performed several songs, mostly from his new album Ghosts which was released in September, and told me that this had been his first performance in several months. He was followed by a Virginia artist named Willie Waze that I was also impressed with.

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A Birthday Celebration for @PaperFrank at @GRAVEYARD_EAV and Hip-Hop with @FORTKNOXLIVE at @BASEMENT_EAV

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My homeboy Fort Knox had told me about a hip-hop show taking place in East Atlanta Village at The Basement, and Money Makin Nique’s manager KD had mentioned a birthday party for the visual artist Paper Frank being held at The Graveyard, and as it turned out, as if by design, one event was downstairs from the other, so I went to both. The DJ-based party for Paper Frank filled up very quickly in The Graveyard Tavern, so much so that it was hard to even walk around, although I did catch up with KD, who introduced me to Money Makin Nique, who is making a fair amount of noise around Atlanta for his single “Funny Guy”, which got played while I was there. Downstairs in The Basement, my homeboy Fort Knox was hosting a hip-hop concert, featuring a number of local Atlanta area MC’s.

Evening @A3C Showcases and Dinner at Harold’s Chicken @AtlHaroldsChick @349edgewood #A3C2013

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From the Spring & 4th Center, I headed back over to the Melia, and caught the shuttle out to the Old Fourth Ward showcases, and then rode the other shuttle out to East Atlanta Village and the 529 venue before heading back to the Old Fourth Ward. I decided to have dinner at Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar, which is the Atlanta branch of a famous Chicago fried chicken chain. Unlike the Chicago stores, the Atlanta location is a little more upscale, with an “ice bar” that literally stays frozen to keep drinks cold, big screen TV’s and a dance floor. The place was so crowded when I walked in that there was basically no place to move. I thought the chicken was decent, but didn’t quite see what all the fuss was about. Good chicken? Yes. Best ever? No, at least not in my book. Yet the atmosphere in the place was fun, college football games were on the big screens and a DJ was playing plenty of hip-hop and old-school in the back room so people could dance. And the prices are reasonable in a city where dining out can get expensive.

Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar
349 S Edgewood Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30312-1727
(404) 577-0001

Bun B (@BunBTrillOG) Live at The Earl @EARL_EAV @A3c #A3C2013

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I wanted to make sure that I got the opportunity to see Bun B perform live at the Earl in East Atlanta Village, because although I had met Pimp C years ago in Port Arthur, I had never gotten an opportunity to see UGK perform live. In the event, the venue was packed to overflowing, and I really didn’t think I would get to see much. Fortunately, I was able to work my way up to the front near the stage, and was surprised to see that my homeboy Fort Knox was the master of ceremonies for that showcase. Bun’s performance touched on most of the most popular UGK songs, often with the audience reciting the late Pimp C’s verses. It was a great experience.

Thursday Night Showcases at @A3C

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I met my homeboy Marcel P. Black (a rap artist from Baton Rouge) at Vortex on Peachtree for dinner, and then we both headed out to Little Five Points to the Variety Playhouse for a showcase that was to feature Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving out to walk over to the other showcase at the Star Bar, and nothing seemed to be going on over there at all. I should have walked back over to the Variety Playhouse, but one of the A3C shuttles pulled up, and I ended up riding it over to East Atlanta Village, where I found that not much was going on, because everybody was either at Variety Playhouse or at Terminus West, where Meek Mill was the headliner for a BET-sponsored showcase. But Terminus West wasn’t on either of the shuttle routes, and was too far from the Melia Hotel to walk to. I ended up riding the shuttle back to the Sound Table, and when I got back into the Fourth Ward area, I discovered that a neo-soul band was playing on the roof of a nearby restaurant, and decided to head up there.

Cool Atlanta-themed Hip-Hop Wear at @atlastclothing #A3C

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One of the coolest places in East Atlanta Village is a new retail shop which is the home of Atlanta-based Atlast Clothing, a hip clothing line that at least in part is centered around Atlanta identity. Despite the hometown appeal, Atlast clothing features really attractive designs that should appeal to anyone who loves urban wear, even if they’re not from Atlanta. In addition, the store supports Atlanta’s local hip-hop scene by hosting special events, and was a ticket sales point for this year’s A3C Hip-Hop Festival.

Atlast Clothing
493-C Flat Shoals Ave
Atlanta, GA 30316
(678) 387-8354