SXSW Day 2: Trailer Space Records and East Austin

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After I left Travis Heights, I drove over to East Austin and parked my car across the street from the Carver Community Center. As I was walking down the hill, I came first to Trailer Space Records, the cool vinyl and used CD shop that is also a music venue. During SXSW, it can get too crowded to come inside, but I was able to do some browsing before I continued walking down past the cemetery to the Hotel Vegas. While there, i checked the SXSW schedule on my phone and saw that the 1970’s funk/soul band Kool & Together was playing at the 512 Rooftop on Sixth Street, so I decided to walk over that way and see if I could catch their show.

Checking out @ThePreservation at Hotel Vegas in Austin @SXSW 2013

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Hotel Vegas, despite the name, is a nightclub rather than an hotel. Although there are apartments on the second floor, it doesn’t seem that they are rentable by the night as hotel rooms. But during SXSW, the Hotel Vegas becomes a very busy place indeed, with a stage inside, a stage in their sister insitution known as the Volstead Lounge, which is in the same building, and a third stage outdoors in back. When I arrived at the Vegas on Tuesday afternoon, melodic Austin rockers The Preservation were performing on the main stage indoors. Theirs is a style that has been appropriately described as “ethereal”.