From the Old Fourth Ward to the Style Village at @A3C #A3C2013

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After lunch, I headed over to Edgewood Avenue to check out the two outdoor stages, one between the Joystick and Mothers which was called the Old Fourth Ward Stage, and the other behind Noni’s Deli, which was called the Noni’s Village Stage. But I soon realized that the afternoon would probably be my only opportunity to check out the Style Village in Little Five Points, so I drove over there, parking near the Variety Playhouse. First I stopped by Stadium to pick up a shirt I had admired when I had stopped in there on Wednesday, and then I walked over to the Style Village, which was three rows of tents set up behind the Star Community Bar. Each tent was devoted to a different clothing line, and with the exception of Born Fly and Akoo, most of the lines were fairly new or underground lines. Some of the bigger, more familiar were giving away shirts and caps in exchange for email sign-up, so I ended up leaving the village with a bag of free swag.

Early Afternoon Showcases in the Old Fourth Ward @A3C #A3C2013

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I rode the first A3C shuttle of the day from the Melia Hotel to the Edgewood Avenue area, because two of the showcases there were supposed to start at 3 PM, “supposed to” apparently being the operative word. I found that both outdoor stages were in the process of being set up, but nothing was going on in the way of performances yet. I was pleased to see that for this evening, the city had closed Edgewood from Jackson to Boulevard, and a large enclosure featuring a huge outdoor stage had been set up on a vacant lot between the Joystick gaming bar and Mothers. I walked around for a bit, but when I realized that this would be the best night for me to meet my stepbrother and his family for dinner, I caught the shuttle back to the hotel.