The 2012 Liberty Bowl Parade

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I suppose that there has been a Liberty Bowl Parade each year, but this is the first year I heard about it, so I rode downtown Sunday to check it out. This year’s teams in the Liberty Bowl are Iowa State and the University of Tulsa, and from the looks of Beale Street Sunday, Iowa State brought a lot more fans into the city than Tulsa did. The parade route was short, pretty much just the length of Beale Street, but riders on floats threw Mardi-Gras-style beads, and there were marching bands, mostly from the Midwest. Although the weather was chilly, the Beale Street sidewalks were standing room only.


The Southern Heritage Classic is one of the most important weekends of events in Memphis, centered around an annual football game at the Liberty Bowl between Jackson State University and Tennessee State University. Many tailgaters arrive on Friday and will stay in the Tiger Lane area all weekend. The area is full of barbecue, music, vendors, food and fun. 9/8/12