From the Old Fourth Ward to the Style Village at @A3C #A3C2013

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After lunch, I headed over to Edgewood Avenue to check out the two outdoor stages, one between the Joystick and Mothers which was called the Old Fourth Ward Stage, and the other behind Noni’s Deli, which was called the Noni’s Village Stage. But I soon realized that the afternoon would probably be my only opportunity to check out the Style Village in Little Five Points, so I drove over there, parking near the Variety Playhouse. First I stopped by Stadium to pick up a shirt I had admired when I had stopped in there on Wednesday, and then I walked over to the Style Village, which was three rows of tents set up behind the Star Community Bar. Each tent was devoted to a different clothing line, and with the exception of Born Fly and Akoo, most of the lines were fairly new or underground lines. Some of the bigger, more familiar were giving away shirts and caps in exchange for email sign-up, so I ended up leaving the village with a bag of free swag.

Thursday Night Showcases at @A3C

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I met my homeboy Marcel P. Black (a rap artist from Baton Rouge) at Vortex on Peachtree for dinner, and then we both headed out to Little Five Points to the Variety Playhouse for a showcase that was to feature Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving out to walk over to the other showcase at the Star Bar, and nothing seemed to be going on over there at all. I should have walked back over to the Variety Playhouse, but one of the A3C shuttles pulled up, and I ended up riding it over to East Atlanta Village, where I found that not much was going on, because everybody was either at Variety Playhouse or at Terminus West, where Meek Mill was the headliner for a BET-sponsored showcase. But Terminus West wasn’t on either of the shuttle routes, and was too far from the Melia Hotel to walk to. I ended up riding the shuttle back to the Sound Table, and when I got back into the Fourth Ward area, I discovered that a neo-soul band was playing on the roof of a nearby restaurant, and decided to head up there.

Everything for the DJ (Inclunding Vinyl) at BeATLab @BEATLABUSA #A3C2013

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Tucked into the rear of a shopping center across from the Wish ATL Boutique in Little Five Points is BeATLab, which is a lifestyle store primarily for DJ’s and producers, although they also sell spray paint for the graffiti artists in and around the Atlanta area. The main things at BeATLab are DJ equipment and vinyl, and there is an extensive selection of the latter. Some of the records came from Atlanta’s legendary Earwax Records when they closed their final location in Midtown. Even if you’re not a DJ, the vinyl is worth coming for if you’re a record collector. BeATLab is open daily from noon until 6 PM.

464 Moreland Avenue Suite B
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 524-9060

Shopping for Records and Clothes Around Atlanta #A3C2013

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Because I didn’t think I’d get to otherwise, I spent the better part of Thursday during the day going around to some of my favorite stores and shops in Atlanta, like Decatur CD, Criminal Records, Wax-N-Facts and Wish ATL, and discovered some new spots, like Stadium (a hip-hop clothing boutique), Beatlab (a record store for DJ’s) and Atlast Clothing (a new hip-hop line and shop). All in all, it was an enjoyable day before I headed down to the Melia for A3C events and activities.

Little Five Points, Atlanta GA

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Atlanta’s Little Five Points is home to @CriminalRecords, an independent record store that has become something of an institution. Although the inventory leans toward independent rock, there are decent selections of most genres, and a fair amount of vinyl. Pay them a visit in person, or online at, or

Wish Hip-Hop Boutique in Little Five Points @WishATL

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Wish (@WishATL) is a one-of-a-kind upscale hip-hop boutique in the Little Five Points nieghborhood of Atlanta. The shop features many clothing lines not found in other shops, and a downstairs basement full of sneakers. Visit them at or like them on Facebook at

Wish ATL
447 Moreland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 880-0402