The Plantation All-Stars Live at Mr. Handy’s Blues Hall on Beale Street, Memphis @GSBMusic1

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My homeboy Travis McFetridge was in town from Great South Bay Music in New York, and wanted to check out Beale Street, and my homeboy Antonio Motley (who is one of our city’s best young drummers) was filling in for the regular drummer with the Plantation All-Stars at Mr. Handy’s Blues Hall on Friday afternoon, so I took Travis there, and although there was literally nowhere to sit, we enjoyed a good half-hour of authentic Memphis blues and soul. Another blues band was playing on the outdoor stage in Handy Park as well, and yet another further down Beale in front of the New Daisy. I don’t think I’ve heard so much blues on Beale in one day as I did Friday.

Checking Out Chris McDaniels Live at Mr. Handy’s Blues Hall, Bike Night on Beale Street

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On Wednesday night, I drove down to Beale Street because I saw that Chris McDaniels was performing at Mr. Handy’s Blues Hall, a small, juke-joint-like venue on Beale. McDaniels had a decent album called A Woman’s Love on the local MegaJam label back in 1989, so I wanted to hear him. It also happened to be Bike Night on Beale Street, so the street was actually crowded. McDaniels is a consummate showman, and he has a first-rate band, but unfortunately he did few originals because performers on Beale generally redirect their repertoire to what tourists expect. Still, Handy’s Blues Hall has the best ambiance of any club on the street, and there’s no cover charge.