Triple Play Tuesdays at @IceBarMemphis @PartiKings with Oneday, 4 Soul Band and More

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4 Soul 0001Otis & Suavo 0002Otis & Suavo 00034 Soul 0004Oneday with 4 Soul 00054 Soul 0008Otis Logan 00094 Soul 0010Ms. Racks 0011Ms. Racks 0012Ms. Racks 0013Ms. Racks 0014Ms. Racks 0015Ms. Racks 0016Ice Bar 0017Benofficial 0018Benofficial 0019Benofficial 0020Benofficial 0021Benofficial 0022Ice Bar 0023
My homeboy Otis Logan had invited me to come out to the Ice Bar in Southwind because his band was playing behind a Memphis rap artist called Oneday, but what I didn’t know was that the event was the inauguration of a big event called Triple Play Tuesdays, sponsored by Memphis-based PartiKings Inc. which will be held on the first Tuesday of each month. Actually quite a few Memphis rap and hip-hop artists came out to perform, including a female artist named Ms. Racks, a rapper named BenOfficial (although apparently not the one from Los Angeles), and another rapper named Lil Buddy. With it being a Tuesday night, I had not expected a large crowd, but the place was actually full to overflowing.