Memphis Football: Whitehaven at Melrose in the Mound

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437 Melrose Stadium438 Whitehaven at Melrose439 Whitehaven at Melrose441 Whitehaven at Melrose444 Whitehaven High School Band445 Whitehaven at Melrose448 Melrose High School Band450 Melrose High School451 Whitehaven at Melrose452 Melrose Cheerleaders455 Melrose High School Band456 Melrose High School Band457 Melrose High School Band458 Whitehaven at Melrose459 Whitehaven at Melrose460 Melrose High School Band461 Whitehaven High School Band462 Whitehaven High School Band464 Whitehaven High School Band465 Whitehaven High School Band468 Whitehaven at Melrose727 Melrose Tailgaters
Despite Memphis’ well-deserved basketball reputation, Memphis is also traditionally a strong football town, particularly at the prep level. People turn out to see both the ball game, and also the battle between the bands and drumlins as well, and certain stadiums are historic locations for Memphis Black high school football, such as Booker T. Washington Stadium in South Memphis or Melrose Stadium in the center of Orange Mound. On Friday, September 19, 2014, I went out to the latter stadium to see the game between Whitehaven High School and the Melrose High School Golden Wildcats. Both schools brought their marching bands to the game, which isn’t always the case in Memphis these days, but Melrose seems to have declined in numbers in recent years, and its band, though it sounded good, was far smaller than I remembered in the past. Whitehaven, on the other hand, is one of the city’s premier high schools, academically, athletically and musically. Its band marches more than 100 members, and looks and sounds better than many colleges. The football game was a runaway for Whitehaven, but the band battle was more evenly matched, although I would have to give Whitehaven the advantage there too. Both bands pleased the crowd by playing a number of current hits, including Memphian Snootie Wild’s “Yayo”.

Enjoying the Southern Heritage Classic Parade in Orange Mound

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437 SHC438 SHC439 SHC441 SHC442 SHC443 SHC444 SHC445 SHC446 SHC447 SHC448 SHC449 SHC450 SHC451 SHC452 SHC453 SHC454 SHC455 SHC457 SHC458 SHC459 SHC460 SHC461 SHC463 University City HS Band465 University City HS Band467 SHC468 SHC469 SHC470 SHC471 Millennium Madness Drumline472 Millennium Madness Drumline473 Millennium Madness Drumline474 Millennium Madness Drumline475 Millennium Madness Drumline476 Millennium Madness Drumline477 Millennium Madness Drumline478 SHC479 SHC480 SHC481 Die Hard Cowboys482 Die Hard Cowboys483 Die Hard Cowboys484 SHC485 SHC487 SHC488 Mid-South Steelers489 Mid-South Steelers490 SHC491 SHC492 SHC494 SHC495 SHC496 SHC497 SHC498 SHC500 Southern Belles501 Ford Road Elementary Drumline503 Ford Road Elementary Drumline504 Cowborettes505 Cowborettes506 Old School Bikers507 Old School Bikers508 Old School Bikers509 SHC510 SHC511 I Am North Memphis515 Orange Mound Raiders516 Welcome to the Jungle517 Star Steppers519 SHC521 SHC523 Melrose Alumni524 Melrose High School Band525 The Sound Of The Mound526 The Orange Mound Jukebox527 Melrose HS Band528 Melrose HS Band529 SHC530 SHC531 SHC532 Melrose HS Band533 SHC534 Melrose HS Band535 SHC536 SHC537 Melrose HS Band538 Melrose HS Band539 Melrose HS Drumline540 Melrose HS Drumline542 Melrose HS Drumline541 Melrose HS Drumline543 Melrose HS Band544 Melrose HS Band546 Melrose HS Band545 Melrose HS Band549 Melrose HS Band548 Melrose HS Band550 Melrose HS Band551 Melrose HS Band552 SHC553 SHC554 SHC555 SHC556 SHC557 SHC558 SHC559 SHC560 SHC561 SHC562 SHC563 SHC564 SHC565 SHC566 SHC567 Melrose HS Drumline568 Melrose HS Band569 Melrose HS Band570 SHC571 SHC572 Melrose HS Band573 SHC574 SHC575 SHC576 SHC577 SHC578 SHC579 SHC580 SHC581 SHC582 SHC583 SHC584 "Take Our Picture"585 Aftermath586 Aftermath587 SHC588 Melrose Golden Wildcats
The annual Southern Heritage Classic is far more than a football game. Each year, on the Saturday morning of the game at 9 AM, the Southern Heritage Classic Parade begins from the corner of Park Avenue and Haynes Street, and proceeds along Park through Orange Mound to the Lamar-Airways Shopping Center. The parade usually includes the Jackson State University and Tennessee State University bands, along with majorettes, drill teams,drumlines, Cowboys and Steelers fan clubs, car clubs and many others. There used to be more marching bands in the parade as well, but for the last few years, the parade has conflicted with the Southern Heritage Classic Battle of the Bands in Whitehaven, so there have been fewer bands recently, but the hometown favorites, the Melrose High School Sound of the Mound Marching Band always closes out the parade. It’s always a lot of fun, family and food.

Remembering the Life and Legacy of Mario “Yoggi” Stewart in Music at the Blue Worm

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437 Cowboy Neal438 Three Drummers439 Musicians Jam440 Musicians Jam441 Musicians Jam442 Musicians Jam443 Musicians Jam444 Musicians Jam445 Musicians Jam446 Musicians Jam447 Cowboy Neal448 Musicians Jam449 Musicians Jam450 Musicians Jam451 Danny Peterson452 Musicians Jam453 Musicians Jam454 Three Drummers455 Musicians Jam456 Tony Gentry463 Musicians Jam464 Musicians Jam465 Musicians Jam466 Musicians Jam467 Musicians Jam468 Musicians Jam469 Musicians Jam470 Musicians Jam471 Musicians Jam472 Danny Peterson473 Danny Peterson474 Musicians Jam475 Musicians Jam476 Musicians Jam477 Musicians Jam478 Musicians Jam479 Musicians Jam480 The Blue Worm481 Cowboy Neal482 The Blue Worm
Memphis musicians were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of a young drummer, Mario “Yoggi” Stewart, but on September 10, a number of musicians and relatives came together to honor his memory in the most appropriate way possible, with music and song. The setting was the Blue Worm AKA The Blues Night Club, a neighborhood fixture on the backside of the Lamar/Airways Shopping Center in Orange Mound. The band was anchored by three drummers playing three sets on stage, with “Cowboy” Neal on guitar and my homeboy Danny Peterson on bass. I had intended to observe, enjoy and film, but I got called to the stage to play keyboards. Other guest musicians and singers included Tony Gentry, Deij’rah Terrell, Gerod Rayborn and Terry Wright. The night closed with a drummers’ shout shed in memory of Yoggi, and Cowboy thanking all of those who came out. It was a great night of Memphis music, with nothing but love and respect between the musicians.

Hooping in The Mound at the Orange Mound Basketball Tournament

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Orange Mound Tournament 028Orange Mound Tournament 029Orange Mound Tournament 030Orange Mound Tournament 031Orange Mound Tournament 032Orange Mound Tournament 033Orange Mound Tournament 034Orange Mound Tournament 035Orange Mound Tournament 036Orange Mound Tournament 037Orange Mound Tournament 039Orange Mound Tournament 040Orange Mound Tournament 041Orange Mound Tournament 042Orange Mound Tournament 043Orange Mound Tournament 044Orange Mound Tournament 045Orange Mound Tournament 046Orange Mound Tournament 047Orange Mound Tournament 048Orange Mound Tournament 049Orange Mound Tournament 050Orange Mound Tournament 051Orange Mound Tournament 053Orange Mound Tournament 054Orange Mound Tournament 055Orange Mound Tournament 056Orange Mound Tournament 057Orange Mound Tournament 058Orange Mound Tournament 059Orange Mound Tournament 060Orange Mound Tournament 061Orange Mound Tournament 062Orange Mound Tournament 063Orange Mound Tournament 066Orange Mound Tournament 067Orange Mound Tournament 069Orange Mound Tournament 070Orange Mound Tournament 071Orange Mound Tournament 072Orange Mound Tournament 073Orange Mound Tournament 074Orange Mound Tournament 075Orange Mound Tournament 76Orange Mound Tournament 077Orange Mound Tournament 079Orange Mound Tournament 080Orange Mound Tournament 081Orange Mound Tournament 082Orange Mound Tournament 083Orange Mound Tournament 084Orange Mound Tournament 085Orange Mound Tournament 086Orange Mound Tournament 087Orange Mound Tournament 088Orange Mound Tournament 089Orange Mound Tournament 090
Memphis has exceptional talent in all sports, but our city is particularly known for basketball, and much of this is due to the frequency and quality of street ball in the city. Each summer, the Orange Mound neighborhood sponsors a basketball tournament at a neighborhood park that pits the best hoopers from the neighborhood against each other. Although the competition can be fierce, it’s always nothing but good fun and good food. This year, Memphis R & B artist Iyse Gibson also performed a couple of songs for those who weren’t in the thick of the game.

The Star Steppers Majorettes and the Baby Blues Drumline #southernheritageclassic13

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The Star Steppers are yet another popular youth majorette program, and the drummers they marched with this year in the Southern Heritage Classic parade were the famous Baby Blues, who are probably Memphis’ best-known and most well-travelled youth drumline.

The Sparkling Diamondettes and the Ice Storm Drumline #southernheritageclassic13

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The Sparkling Diamondettes are a fairly-recent Memphis majorette squad, and they have a drumline that plays the cadences for the young girls to march to during parades, such as the Southern Heritage Classic parade in Orange Mound, 9/14/13

Memphis Booker T. Washington High School Band #southernheritageclassic13

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Booker T. Washington is Memphis’ oldest Black high school, and Memphis’ oldest Black high school marching band. Like Manassas, BTW has been through some rough times with lower enrollment, particularly since Cleaborn Homes was torn down, but their band seems to be on the way back up in numbers, based on what I could see at the Southern Heritage Classic Parade, 9/14/13

The Cowborettes Majorettes and Drummers in the Southern Heritage Classic Parade

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The Cowborettes are one of Memphis’ better-known majorette squads, and although they usually compete without drummers, they always march with a drumline when they’re in a parade. In this year’s Southern Heritage Classic Parade, they marched with the Blood Sweat & Tears drumline.

Memphis Manassas High School Band at the Southern Heritage Classic Parade

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Manassas High School was the second Black high school in Memphis history to have a marching band, and the original band director of the school was none other than Jimmy Lunceford, the man who went on to become a legendary big band star of the 1930’s, fronting a band largely composed of former Manassas students. Later, Emerson Able mentored many fine Memphis musicians at Manassas, including jazz stars Frank Strozier and Booker Little, as well as Al Green’s drummer Howard Grimes. Although Manassas has suffered from low enrollment in recent years, it appears that its band program is on the way back up, as evidenced by their appearance in this year’s Southern Heritage Classic Parade, 9/14/13

Millennium Madness Drill Team in the Southern Heritage Classic Parade

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The Millennium Madness Drill Team & Drum Squad is one of Memphis’ premiere drill teams, and one of the few that still gives young men an opportunity to be drummers. Here they are in this year’s Southern Heritage Classic Parade in Orange Mound, 9/14/13