An All-Star Memphis Turn-Out and Turn-Up for Frayser Boy’s New Album @FrayserBoy @Lil_Wyte @PhixieousEnt @Selectohits @Miscdaboss @DJBay

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Wednesday night is not usually a big entertainment night in Memphis, but on October 29, many of Memphis’ best industry figures came together at Purple Haze downtown to celebrate the release of veteran rapper Frayser Boy’s new album Not No Moe on the Phixieous label. Frayser’s own DJ Bay was on the ones and twos, and Tune C, DJ Zirk, Miscellaneous,Carlos Sargent, DJ Care Bear, Lil Wyte, Snootie Wild, Jason Da Hater,Suavo J, Louis Goggins of the Memphis Flyer and Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell of the Recording Academy and Royal Studios were among the attendees. Frayser Boy, Lil Wyte and Miscellaneous performed a few songs from the album toward the end of the night, and the event was all love, fun and food.

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Baton Rouge’s Clay Parker Performs at On Location Memphis at @PurpleHazeMEM Downtown @OldHouseRecords

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Baton Rouge folk singer Clay Parker came to Memphis to perform at the On Location Memphis Film and Music Festival. He performed several songs from his first album The Wind and the Warble and several from his forthcoming album which should be out in a month or so on the Texas-based Old House Records label.

San Francisco Roots Band @Tracorum Live at On Location Memphis (@olm_trailer) at @PurpleHazeMEM

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One of the most enjoyable acts during the music showcases at On Location Memphis was San Francisco-based Tracorum, a self-described “roots” band whose New Orleans-derived sound-world has many points of similarity with the late lamented Radiators. Tracorum’s music is tuneful, rhythmic and worlds of fun, suggesting its Louisiana influences without resorting to cliches or covers. The band has released three albums, the most recent of which is Tricked which came out in January and can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page here

On Location Memphis (@olm_trailer) Music Showcases at Purple Haze (@PurpleHazeMEM)

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The music showcases at this year’s On Location Memphis Film and Music Festival were held in downtown Memphis at Purple Haze. On Friday and Saturday nights, performers of all genres from around the country performed for conference attendees and film makers.