The Rebirth Brass Band (@RebirthBB) Live at @LevittShell @Grammy365

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The Memphis chapter of The Recording Academy includes all of Louisiana, so it was great that the Rebirth Brass Band happened to be in town for a gig at Newby’s and agreed to perform on the 40th Anniversary concert. Of course, with them having to go to another gig, they kept their appearance at the Levitt Shell brief, but the audience responded with a great deal of enthusiasm.


As the brass bands played outside the hall, the doors opened, and the exquisitely-costumed members came out to launch the parade. I learned quickly that a second-line is not merely the thrill of the brass bands, marching and dancing, but also a visual experience of the brightly-colored costumes. I was immediately reminded of the Caribbean. After the first four divisions had come out, the Rebirth Brass Band assembled a block away and marched up the street to the hall for the Fifth Division to come out.