San Francisco Roots Band @Tracorum Live at On Location Memphis (@olm_trailer) at @PurpleHazeMEM

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One of the most enjoyable acts during the music showcases at On Location Memphis was San Francisco-based Tracorum, a self-described “roots” band whose New Orleans-derived sound-world has many points of similarity with the late lamented Radiators. Tracorum’s music is tuneful, rhythmic and worlds of fun, suggesting its Louisiana influences without resorting to cliches or covers. The band has released three albums, the most recent of which is Tricked which came out in January and can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page here

John Murry’s (@johnmurry) Love Loss and Luxury In The Graceless Age

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John-Murry-The-Graceless-Age From the first notes of John Murry‘s debut album The Graceless Age, we are confronted with a dichotomy- on the one hand, the tuneful, lucsious soundscapes that would suggest a sunny brightness, and on the other hand, the album’s somber recurrent themes of loss, broken lives, broken relationships, death or near-death and disillusionment. No attempt is made to resolve this dissonance, nor do the clouds ever really break in this harrowing yet somehow strangely beautiful album. The first single, “Little Colored Balloons” is Murry’s autobiographical tale of a heroin overdose that nearly killed him, while other songs seem to return to recurring themes of Tupelo, Mississippi (Murry’s hometown), San Francisco (where he now lives), or failed relationships, the latter particularly referred to in “Photographs” which has something of a Billy Bragg feel to it, and the brief epigram “Thorn Tree in the Garden.” Although Murry and his label Evangeline Records are based in the Bay Area, the album was cut in San Francisco and Memphis, using a large number of Memphis musicians. The Graceless Age is a masterful debut from John Murry, and is available for purchase here: