A Rainbow over South Memphis


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I don’t ever recall any June in Memphis being this wet, but one of the upsides to the extensive rain (besides the cooler temperatures) has been the frequency of rainbows in and around Memphis. This one appeared over the Booker T. Washington High School area of South Memphis as I was heading down to Beale Street to see my homeboys in the C3 Band perform at the Rum Boogie Cafe.

Kicking Off The Summer at the Annual Tate Street Block Party in South Memphis @LionHeartDSP @tvebandz @AirBorn_Academy

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Tate Street 001Tate Street Block Party 002Tate Street Block Party 003Tate Street Block Party 004Tate Street Block Party 005Tate Street Block Party 006Sounds for the Party 007LionHeart at the Tate Street Block Party 008Tate Street Block Party 009Ain't Nobody Straight But God 010Tate Street Block Party 012Tate Street Block Party 013Section 3 014Tate Street Block Party 015Stop The Killing 016Tate Street Block Party 017Tate Street Block Party 018Barbecue at the Block Party 019Tate Street Block Party 020Tate Street Block Party 021This Some Major 022Dancers at the Block Party 025Dancers at the Block Party 026Tate Street Block Party 027Tate Street Block Party 028Tate Street Block Party 031Tve Bandz Poster 032Tate Street Block Party 033Tate Street Block Party 035Tate Street Block Party 036Tate Street Block Party 037Tate Street Block Party 038Tate Street Block Party 040Tate Street Block Party 041Tate Street Block Party 042Tate Street Block Party 043Tate Street Block Party 044Tate Street Block Party 045Tate Street Block Party 046Tate Street Block Party 047Tve Bandz 048Tve Bandz 051Tve Bandz 053Tve Bandz 054Tve Bandz 055Tve Bandz 056Breeze and Tve Bandz 058Breeze and Tve Bandz 059Breeze 060Breeze and Tve Bandz 062Tate Street Block Party 063Tate Street Block Party 064Tate Street Block Party 065Airborn Academy 066Airborn Academy 068AirBorn Academy 069Airborn Academy 070AirBorn Academy 071AirBorn Academy 072AirBorn Academy 073AirBorn Academy 074AirBorn Academy 075AirBorn Academy 076AirBorn Academy 077AirBorn Academy 078AirBorn Academy 079AirBorn Academy 080AirBorn Academy 081AirBorn Academy 082AirBorn Academy 083AirBorn Academy 084AirBorn Academy 085Tate Street Block Party 086Tate Street Block Party 087Tate Street Block Party 088Tate Street Block Party 089Tate Street Block Party 090Tate Street Block Party 091Tate Street Block Party 092Tate Street Block Party 093Tate Street Block Party 094Tate Street Block Party 095Tate Street Block Party 096Tate Street Block Party 098Tate Street Block Party 099Tate Street Block Party 100Tate Street Block Party 101Tate Street Block Party 102Tate Street Block Party 103Tate Street Block Party 104Tate Street Block Party 105
Each year Memphis rap artist Lionheart sponsors a block party on Tate Avenue in South Memphis, featuring live rap performances and free barbecue. The purpose of the Tate Street Block Party is both to encourage youth against violence and also to promote and showcase local music talent. This year, the high points included a young rapper named Tve Bandz (pronounced “Tae Bandz”) who performed along with his even younger sister Breeze, as well as an appearance from the group AirBorn Academy from South Memphis. But there were also a number of newer artists, including one young man called This Some Major. The afternoon was full of music, food and fun, with no incidents whatsoever.

Senseless Tragedy at the South Memphis Block Party

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South Memphis Block Party 095South Memphis Block Party 096South Memphis Block Party 097South Memphis Block Party 098South Memphis Block Party 099South Memphis Block Party 100South Memphis Block Party 101South Memphis Block Party 102South Memphis Block Party 103South Memphis Block Party 104South Memphis Block Party 105South Memphis Block Party 106South Memphis Block Party 107South Memphis Block Party 108South Memphis Block Party 109South Memphis Block Party 110South Memphis Block Party 111South Memphis Block Party 112South Memphis Block Party 113South Memphis Block Party 114South Memphis Block Party 115South Memphis Block Party 116South Memphis Block Party 118South Memphis Block Party 119South Memphis Block Party 120South Memphis Block Party 121South Memphis Block Party 122South Memphis Block Party 123South Memphis Block Party 124South Memphis Block Party 126South Memphis Block Party 127South Memphis Block Party 128South Memphis Block Party 129South Memphis Block Party 130South Memphis Block Party 131
Every summer in June, the Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta sponsors a South Memphis Block Party on McMillan Street in honor of a neighborhood youth named King Craddy that was killed a few years ago. It usually is a fun time for the kids, with a bounce house, and there is usually a DJ, plenty of good food and lots of dancing. This year, things took a turn for the worse when out of nowhere, a young man pulled out a gun and began shooting. I hadn’t even heard any arguing or confrontation leading up to it. We ended up having to get down, run to the back of the houses and then struggle through the underbrush and out the chain link fence on the other side on Ely Street. The gunshots continued from over on the other street before we finally heard the sirens of the police coming. We soon learned that a 3-year-old boy had been shot. There is absolutely nothing that can justify shooting into a crowd including women and children during a neighborhood block party. Nothing whatsoever.

#MemShop Block Party in South Memphis @Choose901 @apollo_mighty

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MemShop Block Party 007MemShop Block Party 008Apollo Mighty 009MemShop Block Party 010Apollo Mighty 011MemShop Block Party 012MemShop Block Party 013MemShop Block Party 014MemShop Block Party 015Knowledge Quest Dancers 016Knowledge Quest Dancers 017Knowledge Quest Dancers 018Knowledge Quest Dancers 019
MemShop is a local effort to revitalize Memphis neighborhoods by placing temporary shops in vacant store space in strategically located areas. The organization has recently been involved in trying to turn around the intersection at Mississippi Boulevard and Walker near the LeMoyne-Owen College campus, and Saturday MemShop held a block party at the intersection to celebrate the opening of two new shops, Klassy Chics and @ Home Computer Service. The block party featured performances by Memphis alternative/neo-soul singer Apollo Mighty, and the dance team from Knowledge Quest Kids Camp. The hope is that the temporary shops will encourage permanent tenants to move into the space.

William Bell Live With @TheBoKeys at @StaxMuseum @StaxRecords #SoulsvilleStreetFest

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William Bell was one of the first young men from South Memphis to walk over and investigate the Stax Records studios as they were being built in the old Capitol Theatre in South Memphis. Although perhaps never as big a star as Isaac Hayes or Otis Redding, Bell is deserving of acclaim for his success as a songwriter, as a performing artist and as the owner of his own independent record label, Wilbe Records. He generally is the last performer to appear at each year’s Soulsville Street Festival in South Memphis, and frequently performs with the Bo-Keys in various locations. William Bell is truly a living legend of Memphis music.

John Gary Williams and The Mad Lads with @TheBoKeys at @StaxMuseum @StaxRecords

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The Mad Lads were yet another Memphis vocal group with South Memphis ties, and they recorded a number of singles and a handful of albums for Stax Records before lead singer John Gary Williams (who was a member of the Memphis Black Power group known as The Invaders) was arrested and charged with being involved in a sniping incident against the Memphis police in late 1968. Later, Williams launched a solo career, and recorded one very elusive self-titled album just as Stax was falling apart in late 1974. Over the years, Williams has put together a number of reconstituted Mad Lads groups, and is now the subject of a forthcoming documentary called I See Hope: The John Gary Williams Story , which is currently in production. The annual appearance of the Mad Lads at the Stax to the Max festival is a big deal to the largely South Memphis crowd that attends.

The Temprees Live With @TheBoKeys at @StaxMuseum @StaxRecords

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Memphis was an exception to the rule that Black vocal groups were a largely Northern phenomenon, as the city had a number of great Black doo-wop and soul groups from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. One of the city’s favorites was the South Memphis group known as the Temprees, who recorded for the Stax subsidiary label We Produce in the early 1970’s, and who captured a bit of attention with their soulful reading of the rock/pop standard “Dedicated to the One I Love.” As they are South Memphis native sons, their appearance at the Stax to the Max festival stage is always a huge affair. This year the crowd tried to storm the stage and had to be held back by security, and all this despite the fact that they haven’t had a record out since 1976!

@TheBoKeys with Percy Wiggins and @TheeJohnNemeth @JohnNemethMusic at @StaxMuseum @StaxRecords

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Memphis contemporary soul band The Bo-Keys have been actively involved in preserving the unique legacy of Memphis soul music, and are an annual featured act at the Soulsville Street Festival in April. They frequently appear with soul singer Percy Wiggins on vocals, and they began their set at Stax to the Max with him this year before blues singer John Nemeth (who recently cut a new album in Memphis) came on stage to perform some of the songs from his latest release.