SXSW Day 5: Closing Out The @AvenueOnCongress Rooftop with @KATEYRED

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People in Louisiana believe in something called “lagniappe”, a tradition of giving the customer a little something extra, or a bonus to thank you for your patronage. Those of us at the bounce showcase on the Average Rooftop at South By Southwest got a bit of lagniappe on Friday night in the form of an unexpected appearance by the Queen of Bounce herself, Katey Redd. Katey Red began her career on the groundbreaking Take Fo Records label, the same label which launched the career of bounce pioneer DJ Jubilee. She is best known for her debut album Melpomene Block Party (the Melpomene is another former housing project in New Orleans that was demolished after Katrina), and has more recently been featured in several episodes of the television series Treme.

DJ Jubilee Hypes The Crowd at HOPE Summer Jam

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DJ Jubilee is one of the originators of both bounce music and New Orleans rap in general, and his appearance at the HOPE Summer Jam in Algiers was greeted by the biggest applause of the evening. Jubilee’s music has always been dance and party music, characterized by the spirit of fun and play, and while some of the songs (and dances) can have sexual overtones, there’s no violence or profanity in it. Given that Jubilee first came to popularity in the early 1990’s, I was amazed to see the love he got from young teenagers nowadays. His popularity in New Orleans truly crosses generations.

DJ Jubilee in the Treme

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New Orleans bounce veteran DJ Jubilee was in the Treme before the Dumaine Street Gang parade. He’s still active in the bounce scene and has gained more awareness since Hurricane Katrina and the academic interest in bounce reflected in a flurry of post-Katrina exhibits, films and books. Like him on Facebook at┬áto keep up with that he’s doing.