SXSW Day 2: Trailer Space Records and East Austin

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After I left Travis Heights, I drove over to East Austin and parked my car across the street from the Carver Community Center. As I was walking down the hill, I came first to Trailer Space Records, the cool vinyl and used CD shop that is also a music venue. During SXSW, it can get too crowded to come inside, but I was able to do some browsing before I continued walking down past the cemetery to the Hotel Vegas. While there, i checked the SXSW schedule on my phone and saw that the 1970’s funk/soul band Kool & Together was playing at the 512 Rooftop on Sixth Street, so I decided to walk over that way and see if I could catch their show.

East Side PIes (@EastSide_PIes) and Trailer Space Records (@trailer_space) @SXSW 2013

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East Austin is traditionally the “hood” in Austin, but the in-migration of artists and hipsters has created a strange sort of hybrid neighborhood. Old cultural institutions like the George Washington Carver Center or Huston-Tillotson University stand across the street from condos, hip new bistros, boutiques or food trucks. Fortunately, many of the new businesses moving in are funky and hip in a way that complements the neighborhood’s legacy rather than detracting from it. Such is the case with East Side Pies and Trailer Space Records, two businesses that share the 1401 Rosewood Avenue address across from the Carver Community Center. I have yet to try East Side Pies, although I mean to each year and somehow don’t, but Trailer Space Records is really cool, and although much of the inventory leans to hardcore styles, there’s a decent avant-garde jazz section that is really worth browsing. A word of warning however- the Trailer Space is a venue for music showcases during SXSW and often fills to capacity. Nobody is allowed in if that happens, even to browse or purchase records.


Directly across the street from the Carver Museum is Trailer Space Records and East Side Pies pizza. Trailer Space is a performance venue, and was featuring a girl band called the High Class Hillbillies when I visited. I had always thought of Trailer Space Records as more of a punk-rock store, but they had an amazing selection of avant-garde jazz, including the latest CD from the group Yells at Eels, which features my friend Alvin Fielder on drums.