The Trezevant Rolling Thunder Band and Drumline at the North Memphis Classic

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As Craigmont High School’s blowout of Douglass was winding down, the Trezevant High School Band came marching into Crump Stadium with their new director, Otis Logan, the outstanding young Memphis drummer and leader of the band 4 Soul. Trezevant was facing Frayser High in the 8 PM contest, but unfortunately, Frayser did not bring their band to the game, and worse, there were intermittent showers during the first two quarters. But Trezevant’s band and drumline sounded good, remarkably so considering that school has only been in a couple of weeks so far.


The high school band situation in Memphis is not a pretty picture this year. I drove out to Southwind to see the Southwind vs. Wooddale game, only to find that neither team brought a band to the game. So I drove back out to Raleigh to catch Raleigh-Egypt and Trezevant, and at least Trezevant brought a small band, but not Raleigh-Egypt, who just a few years ago looked like a program that might be on the right track. What I find even more disturbing this year is that most of the schools have tiny bands, with only a handful of horn players added to a large drum section. I would assume that the problem is a breakdown at the middle school level of music education. Perhaps the pending merger of Memphis with the county schools will improve the band and music education, but I’m not holding my breath.