Book and Record Shopping in St. Louis

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Although I was in St. Louis for a Recording Academy event, the event wasn’t until the evening, so I had the better part of the day to go around to local book stores and record stores, and St. Louis is really a dream come true to anyone who collects books or records. As the day progressed, I made my way around to Left Bank Books, the Book House, STL Books, Vintage Vinyl and Euclid Records, the last of which was only a couple of doors down from where our event was being held.


What I always knew as the University City Loop has more recently come to be called the Delmar Loop, but despite its status as a St. Louis icon, it is actually in the suburb of University City. Anchored by an outstanding record store called Vintage Vinyl and an outstanding nightclub called Blueberry Hill, the Loop is a destination of shops and party-goers, marked by the occasional conga drummer, saxophonist or trumpeter.