Andrew Booker-Ooh Wee

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Andrew Booker Oow Wee (by andrewbooker1)


Memphian Andrew Booker makes his debut on the Southern Soul scene with his new EP “I Miss My Mom N Dad”, featuring eight first-rate shots of soul and blues. From the opening “Bingo Lover”, where he complains that his woman loves bingo more than him, to the title track which will move anyone who has lost their parents, “I Miss My Mom and Dad” walks the line between blues and soul. There are traditional blues like “I’m About to Get Old” and “Don’t Tell Me”, and uptempo romps like “20 Hard Days” and “Policeman Coming ‘n You Going to Jail.” While there’s little here that would be unexpected, this is a well-done debut from a new voice in Memphis blues and soul.


01-21-2012South Memphis Majorette Jamboree.MOV (by jdoggtn7)

It concerns me that of all the majorette teams and alumni majorette teams that performed at the South Memphis Majorette Jamboree yesterday, only the one in this clip had drummers that worked with them. The rest of them did their routines to CDs that the DJ played for them. That not only isn’t as much fun, but it deprives young men in our community of an opportunity for wholesome recreation, fun, and musical development.

Kottonmouth-Dallas Hardhitters

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From his beginning as one-half of the legendary Texas rap group P.K.O., Kottonmouth has been a consistent figure on the Texas rap scene. Now he returns with a new album Dallas Hardhitters, featuring appearances from Tum Tum, Lil Keke, Trae and Mr. Pookie, which will hit stores on February 21. This is not an album to be missed.


Veteran West Coast rapper C-BO is back with a new album called “Cali Connection”, featuring production by Mike Mosley and guest appearances from The Outlaws and Young Buck. The album is on Black Market Records, distributed nationally by Select-O-Hits Music Distribution, and will be available in stores everywhere on February 21, 2012.


Television shows used to make El Segundo the butt of jokes, perhaps because of the massive Chevron refinery that sits beside the town, but the downtown is actually rather charming, with a typical small-town look and feel. On my last morning in California, my iPhone led me to El Segundo to a burger joint called Good Stuff. But rather than burgers, I went for the breakfast, which was both the best and least expensive breakfast I had on my trip. November 25, 2011