5/1/10: Power Music Summit and Dinner at California Dreaming in Martinez

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After the Power Music Summit and the afternoon photo shoot with V-Tec and Mr. Hill, I headed out to a restaurant called California Dreaming in Martinez. I had been to one of their locations in the Mobile, Alabama area, and had liked it a lot, and I liked the one in Augusta as well. I had a filet mignon dinner, and was very impressed.

5/1/10: Cu-Cuz Entertainment Photo Shoot, Downtown Augusta and Barton Village

entertainment, events, music, Music Conferences

While I was in Augusta for the Power Music Summit, I also interviewed V-Tec and Mr. Hill from Cu-Cuz Entertainment for a future issue of Murder Dog Magazine, and then we did a photo shoot with them at several landmarks in Augusta, including the James Brown statue downtown, and the legendary Barton Village neighborhood where Cu-Cuz Entertainment and Only With True Thugs was born.

5/1/10: Around Downtown Augusta During the Power Music Summit

Augusta Common, entertainment, events, Farmers Market, James Brown Park, music, Music Conferences

After my panel at the Power Music Summit, I spent some time walking around downtown Augusta and snapping some pictures of various scenes and sights before meeting up with V-Tec and Mr. Hill for the photo shoot to accompany the interview I had done the day before.

5/1/10: Breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Augusta, entertainment, events, music, Music Conferences, Power Music Summit, Restaurants, Riverwalk

Prior to my speaking engagement at the Power Music Summit, I ate breakfast at the Whistle Stop Cafe in downtown Augusta, and spent some time walking around downtown and along the riverfront near the Discovery Center where the event was being held.

4/30/10: A Night on the Town in Augusta

Augusta, Bands, Barton Village, entertainment, events, Mr. Hill, music, Music Conferences, O-Dub, OWTT, Richie Ray, T-Bones, V-Tec

After I interviewed V-Tec and Mr. Hill for Murder Dog Magazine, I drove downtown to check out what was going on in downtown Augusta. The downtown area really wasn’t as jumping as I had suspected, but I walked around to a few of the clubs, and took some pictures.

4/30/10: Hanging Out With V-Tec & Mr. Hill In Augusta

Augusta, Barton Village, entertainment, events, Hilltop, JP, Mr. Hill, music, Music Conferences, Only With True Thugs, OWTT, Power Music Summit, V-Tec

Last weekend I drove to Augusta, Georgia to speak at the Power Music Summit at Fort Discovery, and to interview V-Tec and Mr. Hill of Cu-Cuz Entertainment/Only With True Thugs for Murder Dog Magazine. V-Tec had been part of the group Millionairz N Playaz from the Barton Village neighborhood of Augusta and is one of the city’s earliest rap artists. I found the bulk of the Only With True Thugs click hanging out at a tire shop just west of downtown.