The TBC Brass Band Live at Le Maison Creole in Harvey, and the Zulu Club in New Orleans @TBCBand @TBC_BrassBand

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I had heard from friends in the TBC Brass Band that they were playing for some event at a place called Le Maison Creole in Harvey, a town on the West Bank, so when I left the Midsummer Mardi-Gras, I headed over there and caught up with them. I never could determine whether the event was a birthday party or a wedding reception, but the TBC band played for about 20 rousing minutes of second-lining and partying, and then headed back across the river to the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club for another gig at a party. Although it was nearly midnight, there was a fairly large crowd along Broad Street in front of the Zulu Club, and I was really quite excited. The Zulu organization, although called a social aid and pleasure club, functions more as a Mardi Gras krewe, and now I was getting to witness a party there for the first time. The band members started playing on the sidewalk in front of the club, and then we all marched into the clubhouse, which was already quite crowded with people. Perhaps because of the late hour, the TBC played a shorter set than they had at Harvey, but the crowd seemed excited nonetheless.

Book and Record Shopping in St. Louis

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Although I was in St. Louis for a Recording Academy event, the event wasn’t until the evening, so I had the better part of the day to go around to local book stores and record stores, and St. Louis is really a dream come true to anyone who collects books or records. As the day progressed, I made my way around to Left Bank Books, the Book House, STL Books, Vintage Vinyl and Euclid Records, the last of which was only a couple of doors down from where our event was being held.

SXSW Day 2: Sandy’s Frozen Custard And Hamburgers


After I left Waterloo Records, I headed across the lake to South Austin, and as it was the hottest afternoon yet, when I saw Sandy’s Frozen Custard, I stopped there for a custard, which was very good and refreshing. I learned that Sandy’s was one of the first fast-food restaurants in Austin, having been opened in 1946 on the location where it still stands, founded by a family who had moved to Austin from the Midwest.

Sandy’s Frozen Custard and Hamburgers
603 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 478-6322

Dinneral Shavers Educational Fund Brass Band Blowout: New Breed Brass Band @Howlinwolfnola @DSEF_NOLA

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The New Breed Brass Band in one of New Orleans’ youngest bands, founded in 2012 by young men who had played in various high-school bands around New Orleans. Despite their youthfulness, they are accomplished musicians, and are gaining a following around the city.

Sons of Mudboy @CTDickinson @LutherDickinson @SteveSelvidge @memPT Live at @LevittShell #SidSelvidgeTribute


The band Sons of Mudboy AKA Three-Legged Dog is the logical outgrowth of the super Memphis group Mudboy and the Neutrons, which I have discussed at length in the past. Sons of Mudboy consists of Steve Selvidge, Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson and Paul Taylor, and as such was the perfect group to close out Tuesday night’s celebration of the life and work of Steve’s dad Sid Selvidge. The band played an acoustic set, which was followed by a fairly lengthy documentary about Sid Selvidge in which the late singer-songwriter discussed the impact of Furry Lewis and Black culture on his music, and also where he discussed the origins of the name Mudboy and the Neutrons. Then the band Son of Mudboy came back out and closed out this most important night of Memphis music with a final electric set.

Getting Soaked at Miami’s Bayside Center


By the time I got back to the Hilton, the rain was coming down heavily, so I decided to drive over to the Bayside Center and do some shopping, which, I soon discovered was a mistake. Not only did it cost $10 to park the car, but I got drenched to the bone, because the majority of the Bayside Center is roofless, in keeping with the modern trend toward “lifestyle centers” rather than malls. Neverthless, I found a place to get another cortadito, and eventually the rain lessened enough that I could walk out to the bayside promenade. When it isn’t raining, the Bayside Center is worth a visit, with a considerable array of shops and restaurants, including Miami’s Hard Rock Cafe.