4/30/10: A Night on the Town in Augusta

Augusta, Bands, Barton Village, entertainment, events, Mr. Hill, music, Music Conferences, O-Dub, OWTT, Richie Ray, T-Bones, V-Tec

After I interviewed V-Tec and Mr. Hill for Murder Dog Magazine, I drove downtown to check out what was going on in downtown Augusta. The downtown area really wasn’t as jumping as I had suspected, but I walked around to a few of the clubs, and took some pictures.

4/30/10: Hanging Out With V-Tec & Mr. Hill In Augusta

Augusta, Barton Village, entertainment, events, Hilltop, JP, Mr. Hill, music, Music Conferences, Only With True Thugs, OWTT, Power Music Summit, V-Tec

Last weekend I drove to Augusta, Georgia to speak at the Power Music Summit at Fort Discovery, and to interview V-Tec and Mr. Hill of Cu-Cuz Entertainment/Only With True Thugs for Murder Dog Magazine. V-Tec had been part of the group Millionairz N Playaz from the Barton Village neighborhood of Augusta and is one of the city’s earliest rap artists. I found the bulk of the Only With True Thugs click hanging out at a tire shop just west of downtown.