Urban Standard, Birmingham

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Urban Standard is a hip new coffee bar on Birmingham’s 2nd Avenue North downtown, in an area that is beginning to see a degree of redevelopment and restoration. Besides great espresso-based drinks and dessert items, the Standard features a food menu as well. Visit them in person, or at http://urbanstandard.net/ for menus, hours and more.

11/10/08: Mountain Brook Village/Dinner in Augusta

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November 2008 002

November 2008 003
First day of my Select-O-Hits sponsored trip across the Carolinas promoting the new Pastor Troy album T.R.O.Y. At Birmingham, I drove into Mountain Brook to a pizza place called Bongiorno for lunch (okay but not outstanding). Mountain Brook, a “new town” which had apparently been built in the 1920’s or 1930’s, was primarily residential, but with three central “villages” that housed cafes and other businesses. I managed to pass though Atlanta with little difficulty, but it was getting dark earlier these days, and colder as well, especially at Augusta.
The rappers V-Tec and Hill met me at the T-Bonez steakhouse in Augusta for dinner, and then I drove downtown to the Metro Coffeehouse for a latte before heading out to Club 360 near Barton Village, which was supposedly having an event. There were a few cars there and a radio station van out front, but I changed my mind about going inside (I was really tired), and headed back to my room at the Courtyard hotel.