The Memphis Statement

leadership, Memphis, racism

Most companies have a mission statement these days, a statement of principles that set forth the image they want to uphold. Perhaps Memphis needs a mission statement. This is one I would like to see.

#1. Although Memphis has been blessed with strategic location, decent climate, beautiful setting, and an old and venerable history, and, although Memphis has a diverse population of many talents and gifts, and, although Memphis has produced many great men and women in many fields, as a city, Memphis has consistently failed to reach her potential.

#2. This failure has in large part been the result of a failure in leadership, which, in turn has led to factionalism, not only between the races, but also between classes, and between neighborhoods.

#3. These factions and divisions have wasted our energy and retarded the growth of our city and its various communities, and have created bitterness and discord.

#4. Although our city has many communities of faith they have been largely ineffective in addressing these problems.

#5. Our city has severe image problems, both from its own citizens, and from those who live outside.

#6. Therefore, we are committed to the improvement of Memphis and its surrounding region.

#7. We pledge to remove race as a consideration for our decisions, or our treatment of others in our personal and public lives.

#8. We resolve to use our influence to convince others to make the same pledge.

#9. We are determined to talk positively of Memphis and to encourage others to do so, having no illusions as to the many problems that need solving.

#10. We promise to vote for the best and most capable leadership, without regard to race.

#11. We believe that if the majority of Memphians and suburban residents agree to the above-named principles, there is no problem that our city and region cannot conquer.

If you agree with these principles, forward them to your friends, relatives and neighbors.

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